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About Us

The University of Pittsburgh, one of only 34 public universities that is a member of the prestigious Association of American Universities, is nationally recognized for the quality of its graduate professional programs. Since its founding in 1787, the University has had a proud record of service to students. Through Pitt Online and the Center for Instructional Development and Distance Education, those same high quality programs are being made available to qualified individuals without regard to geography. Support services have been carefully designed to provide an excellent learning environment through carefully conceived virtual access to the University’s comprehensive digital library, to a wide range of instructional materials, and to advising.

Online Vision

Pitt Online’s mission is to provide graduate professional programs of the same quality, taught by the same faculty, with the same superb level of support services as their counterparts offered to resident students enrolled on the Pittsburgh Campus. The programs selected for Pitt Online have been conceived and designed to ensure that they provide the highest quality educational experience for the students. The same faculty is responsible for the programs both on and off-campus, and they will provide the same commitment to quality, to rigor, and to the maintenance of the highest professional standards.

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Veterans Services »

We facilitate the transition of veterans from military to University life, support their ongoing academic success, and assist veterans, guardsmen, reservists, spouses, and dependents in receiving their military education benefits.