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In today's business world, doing your job successfully means being able to work and communicate effectively with specialists in all functional areas and senior management. To do this, you need to understand the foundations, concepts, and techniques that form the basis for management today. In addition, you need to know the basic business vocabulary that fosters easier communication and enhances overall individual and corporate performance.

In Management Essentials Online, ten outstanding Katz School professors expose you to all the management basics—plus cutting-edge theories and tactics—in each functional area. They also help you develop the skills you need to "think corporately" by tying together all the functions. You gain experience in team problem-solving and in applying your new techniques, strategies, and skills under your faculty's expert guidance.


  • To significantly enhance individual and organizational performance
  • To provide an understanding of the most important managerial concepts for each functional area
  • To help you develop basic management skills that will enable you to apply what you are learning on the job
  • To enable you to tie the functional areas together in order to increase revenue, control expenses, and promote productivity
  • To enable you to communicate and work more effectively with specialists in all functional areas and senior management
  • To create learning networks among executives to promote business opportunities

Who Should Attend

  • Professionals who need to learn basic business concepts, skills, and vocabulary in order to communicate and work more effectively with other functional specialists and senior management
  • Highly valuable for both technical and non-technical professions (engineers, scientists, software pros, health, legal, sports, etc.)
  • Individuals with some managerial experience who need a better understanding of basic business concepts and the skills to apply them on the job
  • Managers who want a taste of what it would be like “to get my MBA
  • Anyone who faces increasing management responsibilities but may not have a formal business or management background

When is it Offered?

Dates for the next session of Management Essentials Online will be posted soon!

Watch the Virtual Open House!

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