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TOP Workshop

The Teaching Online @ Pitt course is a four-week, facilitator-led online workshop on best practices for teaching online. It is open to all Pitt faculty interested in learning more about teaching online.

The next session begins on Monday, January 25, 2016. Roster spots are claimed quickly so please sign up soon and mark your calendars!

The workshop will be facilitated by Laurie Cochenour, Senior Instructional Designer, with the assistance of other CIDDE staff. This workshop is completely online. There are no required meeting times but you can expect to spend two to three hours per week participating in the class.

The purpose of this course is to provide faculty participants with an overview of the online course development process. In addition, we will examine technologies to present your course content and engage students in learning activities. Course objectives include

  1. To analyze an online learning experience from the student’s perspective;
  2. To apply a systematic backwards course development process that includes planning outcomes, establishing activities, and assessing student achievement;
  3. To compare and contrast technology tools and Blackboard features that enhance student learning as well as engage and motivate students.

Please complete the online registration form to sign up!

Quality Matters Workshop

The University of Pittsburgh is a subscriber to Quality Matters (QM), a non-profit organization that promotes quality and effectiveness in online learning. Pitt Online hosts annual Quality Matters workshops that focus on eight categories of effectiveness. Visit our Quality Matters page for more information.

Pitt Online Top 10 Best Practices

Need some input on effective practices for teaching online? Check out our collection of Pitt Online Best Practices on these topics:

Other Resources for Teaching Online

Pitt Online Style Guide

Pitt Online is proud to announce the publication of The Pitt Online Style Guide!

The style guide provides a visual overview of the unique brand and style of Pitt Online. It builds upon the traditional identity of the University of Pittsburgh and combines expertise from instructional design and technology. The style guide serves as a resource for faculty and staff, and contains guidelines and recommendations that assist during online course development.

8 Lessons Learned from Teaching Online

Watch this video for a list of insights from fellow online instructors! These 8 lessons might help you improve your online delivery in a snap! Approx. viewing time: 5 mins.