What Students Are Saying…

Dan McKinnon
“With being a dad, being a husband, having a professional career – going the online route was the way to go. It gives you the freedom to get the work done around all those things that already exist. The online program has a community feel to it, and that was not something that I was expecting. I would strongly encourage a friend to a consider the MPPM program. Pitt is doing it the right way!”

Daniel McKinnon, Pittsburgh, PA



Mary Anne Koleny
“The MPPM program is perfect for someone with a busy lifestyle whose schedule does not fit the standard classroom arrangement. This program allows you to work full-time and still have family time, while you obtain your master’s degree. Professors are engaged weekly and there is a lot of interaction with students via discussion board. Coursework is challenging and very relevant to today’s business, non-profit or government sector work. ”

Mary Anne Koleny, Leechburg, PA



What Faculty Are Saying…

Jennifer Murtazashvili

“In our online courses,  we communicate with each other regularly and get to know each other quite well. Because the program is for busy professionals with experience,  students are able to apply theory to practice as they work. As a professor, it is inspiring to see such creative innovations unfold during the semester.”

Jennifer Murtazashvili, PhD

Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs



Ilia Murtazashvili“Teaching online led me to rethink my entire approach to teaching. Our courses resulted in a surprising degree of community, because students interact with one another more than in a face-to-face course. I am looking forward to developing more programs online so that we can continue to provide flexible options for public service minded individuals seeking to develop better analytical skills and substantive knowledge.”

Ilia Murtazashvili, PhD

Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs



Kevin Kearns“I’ve taught in a traditional classroom for 30 years and had some trepidation about teaching online. But we designed a course with many opportunities for direct interaction. I was extremely impressed with the quality of the students and how the online environment facilitated their interaction with me and with each other. It was a very enjoyable and rewarding experience for all!”

Kevin Kearns, PhD

Professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs