What Students Are Saying…

Student comments were received via anonymous survey or Coursera Stories.

Gender and Sexuality Course logoGender & Sexuality: Diversity in the Workplace

“I am a Chilean lawyer, currently starting a small law firm focused in gender inclusion in the workplace, with a strong emphasis on women. But taking this course opened my mind to the LGBT community, especially about women, whom, besides confronting discrimination in their workplace for being a woman, must face discrimination due to their sexual orientation. So, I just wanted to thank you both, and let you know that all the knowledge acquired in this course is tremendous and I feel much more confident about my knowledge about the LGBT topic.”

“I am a police officer(female) based in India. Why I mentioned female is because female participation in the work force in this country is still less than 25% (of all women in working age) and in male dominated careers like police, there are less than 3% women ( of all police officers); the percentage is even lower in leadership positions in police, like mine. Hence I see gender discrimination from very close quarters.”

“I took the course because I thought that it would help me understand, interpret and bridge the gender divide in everyday life. I have a lot of personal interest in the broad topic of “gender” and its various facets. Frankly, when I enrolled for the course I didn’t know that the course was focussed on the rights of LGBTQIA persons.”

“As the course progressed I became interested in the concepts, the definitions and the analyses. The course was very engaging and the reading material and the exercises supplemented and stimulated the thinking process. The course helped to broaden my conception of sex and gender, to understand inequalities esp at the workplace. The course was interdisciplinary with perspective from history, psychology, sociology, medical sciences and philosophy. I wasn’t aware about the issues related to LGBTQIA persons. I wasn’t even aware of the differences between the terms under the umbrella LGBTQIA. I believe the course has made me sensitive as a CIA gender and has also equipped me with certain tools to make workplaces more gender inclusive. I understand that the inclusion strategies vary from legislations to addressing small issues like redesigning of forms and toilets.”

“What I love about the course is that it has touched me somewhere inside of me and has gone beyond knowledge to skills as well as attitudes. With these skills I intend to spread the message….”

Clinical Terminology for International and U.S. Students

“Thank you for creating this course! I found it very interesting and think that it will definitely be helpful to me in my future endeavors. The simulations were a surprising and refreshing experience, as they allow a glimpse at the setting in which the information we are learning will be applied.”

“Found the course very informative and a great introduction into the medical field. My goal is to work in a medical office setting. The course was user friendly, easy to understand, comprehensive and the videos were quite helpful.”

“I’m starting med school in Denmark this fall and wanted to get a bit of extra knowledge and practice; this course helped a lot, great pacing, lots of info – thanks so much for an amazing course!”

DAS_image_v1Disability Awareness and Support

“Was an excellent refresher for me as it encompassed several of my undergrad classes on the topic. I would recommend this course to anyone that supports individuals with disability through service, volunteering, or care of any form. Thank you for the opportunity!”

“This class is a great introduction to disability awareness and support and as a refresher course. Having worked in education for more than 25 years, I learned a lot taking this course. I especially enjoyed hearing from multiple perspectives and reading posts from my peers on accommodations. The web links were an added plus.”

“This course has been fantastic! I learned a lot of the laws of disability and the requirements that institutions must provide. I have epilepsy which causes me to be a slower learner, so it’s good to be refreshed on what I did know, and for me to be updated on what I didn’t know previously. Thank You!”

“Great course! This was very helpful and I recommended it to my colleagues. Thank you!”

“A very practical and informative course, the links and readings are also very educational.”

Aerial view of hurricane representing Disiaster Preparedness courseDisaster Preparedness

“The course helped me a lot to gain fundamental understanding of an emergency preparedness plan, the right attitude and awareness of how to act in a disaster. I would recommend this course!”

“Superb course material and the presentation by Professor Beach is simply awesome. Thank you so much for providing me an opportunity to learn through this awesome platform.”

“The course was very interesting and informative. I feel much more prepared if an unfortunate scenario is to present itself to me and the family. I’m very glad for this opportunity I received and the knowledge I now possess. Thanks.”

“Excellent course, logically put together and well presented. It raises multiple issues, some of which we were aware of but had not addressed and others which we had not even considered.”

“No es un curso para ‘preapers’ esta dirigido a todas aquellas personas que desean validar sus conocimientos de supervivencia. Excelente curso!” Translation: “This is not a course just for ‘preppers.’ It’s directed at all people who want to validate their survival knowledge. Excellent course!”

“I wish there were more majors at the university level with this specific topic of study.”

“I loved this course and all the interesting speakers. I learned a great deal and how much I am unprepared for a disaster, I had no idea. Well worth every minute.”

Stethescope Surrounding a Globe Representing World HealthEpidemics, Pandemics and Outbreaks

“Excellent course! Concise and very different from other Epidemiology-type courses. Videos were short and very informative. VERY ENGAGING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”

“Un curso bien estructurado, explicaciones muy claras y dinámico. Muchas gracias a todos, aprendí mucho.” Translation: “A well structured course, very clear and dynamic explanation. Thank you very much everyone, I learned a lot.”

“Was searching for an online course in the field of public health and found this. It’s a brilliant course and was worth it. Good job, Pitt!”

What Faculty Are Saying…

Mary Goldberg“Teaching a MOOC has been really fun! It’s very different from online courses that I’ve facilitated in the past, and challenging to determine how to maximize students’ engagement. It’s been a great professional development experience to complement my instructional toolkit. It’s pulled together material from grants our team has received, a previous course, and a nice way to share what we created globally.”

Mary Goldberg, PhD

Assistant Professor, Human Engineering Research Laboratories,
VA Pittsburgh Health Care System, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Larry Foulke“While preparation of my MOOC was a more intensive project than I had anticipated, it provided me with great satisfaction both as a teacher and as an educator about nuclear science and technology. The feedback I got from students was gratifying – we reached over 30,000 students from 179 countries!”

Larry Foulke, PhD

Adjunct Professor, Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science, Swanson School of Engineering


Valerie Swigart“Teaching Clinical Terminology for International and U.S. Students has been one of the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding experiences of my nurse-educator career. Interacting with students from all parts of the world where high quality learning experiences are not available, is truly rewarding.  As an educator interested in blended learning and multi-mode teaching, I am excited to anticipate the use of this and other MOOCs as digital resources for students and teachers over the globe.”

Valerie Swigart, PhD, RN, CRNP

Professor, Health Promotion & Development, School of Nursing

Elena A. Baylis“Working on the Epidemics, Pandemics, and Outbreaks was a fascinating introduction to the dynamics of online courses. Teaching to an unseen audience with widely varying knowledge of the subject was challenging, but working in the online platform pushed me to hone my teaching strategies in ways that I was then able to incorporate in my face-to-face classes.”

Elena Baylis, JD

Associate Professor of Law, Pitt Law