University Center for Social and Urban Research


A minimum of 15-16 credits is required to earn the Graduate Certificate in Gerontology. Please note that not every course is offered each term.

You can view theĀ Curriculum for a full list of Required and Elective Courses.

Schedule of Courses

Spring Term

  • GERON 2000 Directed Study
  • GERON 2002 Prevention and Health Aging
  • GERON 2005 Perspectives in Aging
  • GERON 2006 Multi-Disciplinary Aspects of Dementia
  • GERON 2007 Caregiving in Aging
  • GERON 2010 Seminar in Aging

Summer Term

  • GERON 2000 Directed Study
  • GERON 2009 Aging and Communication
  • LIS 2970 Information Resources for an Aging World*

Fall Term

  • BCHS 2534: Clinical Aspects of Dementia Care*
  • GERON 2001 Ethics and Aging
  • GERON 2003 Intergenerational Studies
  • GERON 2004 Mental Health and Illness in Late Life
  • GERON 2008 Human Performance, Nutrition and Aging

* Not offered every term. Please check with Program Coordinator before scheduling.