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Graduate Certificate in Gerontology

 The Graduate Certificate in Gerontology is designed to serve professionals in diverse disciplines, in a variety of industries, who are interested in acquiring basic knowledge about gerontology and geriatrics, and specialized knowledge of aging and aging processes in their particular disciplines or occupations. The student will complete the required core curricula for the program (6–7 credits). The remaining three or more courses (8 or 9 credits) would be selected from a prescribed pool of elective courses.

Admission to the gerontology certificate program does not require the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), Law School Admission Test (LSAT), or any other graduate school entrance examination. However, students should satisfy all other requirements for admission to the corresponding graduate degree from which the certificate curriculum is drawn. Nondegree students who demonstrate potential and motivation for doing graduate work may be admitted provisionally. Course work completed on a nondegree basis that satisfies the course requirements of a graduate program within the University may be applied as advanced standing toward that degree, with the exception of the JD program offered through the School of Law.

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