Health Sciences Library Series


Mary Lou Klem, PhD, MLIS, is a reference librarian in the Health Sciences Library System, which serves the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC, and she is the system’s liaison to Pitt’s School of Nursing.

Dr. Klem provides instruction on the use of PubMed, CINAHL, and other databases. She has lectured in such Pitt Nursing courses as Introduction to Nursing Research, Nursing Informatics, and Foundations of Nursing Practice. Her areas of interest include evidence-based practice, and she has published numerous referred journal articles, book chapters, and abstracts.

Mary Lou created the Health Sciences Library Series, a six-part webclip that illustrates the research potential through the HSLS. Click on the title of the webclip to watch!

HSLS Orientation: Approx Viewing Time: 8 mins
Get an introduction to the HSLS as a resource at the University of Pittsburgh. You’ll see how to gain access to the digital library system at Pitt, and distinguish between PittCat and PubMed (two major resource databases at Pitt).

Using Pitt EZproxy: Approx Viewing Time: 3 mins
Pitt’s library systems use EZproxy to allow students to connect to electronic resources from off-campus. This demonstration shows you how to log into EZproxy and get access to thousands of electronic journals, books and databases!

Introduction to PubMed Part 1: Approx. Viewing Time: 7 mins
PubMed is an online database you can use to find journal articles on nursing, medical or allied health topics. In this first video, you’ll see the structure and purpose of the records contained in PubMed.

Introduction to PubMed Part 2: Approx. Viewing Time: 14 mins
In this second installment on PubMed, you’ll see how to efficiently search PubMed to find relevant journal articles on your topic.

Introduction to PubMed Part 3: Approx. Viewing Time: 2 mins
After you’ve completed your search in PubMed, how do you track down the full text of journal articles? In the third and final installment of the PubMed series, you’ll analyze search results to find the full text of an article of interest.

Scholarly versus Popular Literature: Approx. Viewing Time: 12 mins
What exactly is scholarly literature, and how does it differ from what we might consider to be popular literature? In this session, you’ll define and contrast these publications in this workshop. This can help you determine which resources are generally accepted in academic writing, versus those that are not.

Additional Resources

Getting started at HSLS (Approx. Viewing Time: 4 mins)

Finding the Full-Text of a Known Article in an Electronic Journal Using PITTCat (Approx. Viewing Time: 4 mins)

Quick Start Instructions for Accessing in Text Articles (Approx. Viewing Time: 5 mins)