University Library Series

Lois KepesLois Kepes is a Liaison Librarian at Pitt and has worked in the University Library System since 2000. She provides primary liaison support to the Economics Department, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, and University Interdisciplinary Centers. She completed her Master of Library Science degree at Pitt and her research interests range from global and international affairs to urban and planning resources.

Lois created a series of short webclips about the University Library System, that illustrates the research potential through the ULS. The clips were created as part of a tutorial for students at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, but all students can benefit from the information contained therein. Click on the title of the clip to watch!


PITTcat+ and PITTcat Classic
(Approx. viewing time: 5 mins)
This session will introduce you to the basics of the University’s Library homepage, It will explore the capability of two unique PITTcat search engines.

E-Journals and Databases (Approx. viewing time: 5 mins)
Pitt subscribes to a large amount of online journals and databases. Using common searches done by GSPIA students, Lois will illustrate the types of results you’ll get when using an E-Journal or Database search engine.

Guides and Quicklinks (Approx. viewing time: 6 mins)
Guides can also assist with research and essay writing, depending on the nature of your assignment. In this session, you’ll see results of using the Guides tab, and explore some of the other links on the Library’s homepage.

Quicklinks, Reserves, ILL and EZborrow (Approx. viewing time: 5 mins)
This last session will explore additional help resources available through the Library homepage, such as library policies, use of electronic books and citation guides.