School of Law Welcome Letter

Welcome to Pitt Online!

General Information:

If you are a new student at the University, you will receive a welcome letter from Computing Services and Systems Development (CSSD) that contains your University credentials (username/password). These credentials grant you access to Pitt Passport. This is the official portal of the University of Pittsburgh, through which you can access your online course(s), email, and other resources. If you have not received this information, please submit a help ticket at or call 412-624-HELP [4357]. As an online student, your course work will take place entirely over the Internet. In preparation for the term start, consider viewing the Student Orientation. Below is some information to help you get started:

Course Access

Courses will be available for access 3 days before the start of the term! You will access your course through Pitt Passport (Figure 1). Once you’ve accessed the main menu, you’ll want to select CourseWeb to access your online courses (Figure 2).

Pitt Passport Login Screen

Figure 1 – Use your University credentials to enter Pitt Passport (Click to enlarge).

Pitt Passport Main Menu

Figure 2 – Using the Academic Resources menu, select CourseWeb for access to your online course (Click to enlarge).

Community Tools in CourseWeb

CourseWeb now has several new collaborative tools available for you to communicate with faculty, classmates, and others in the Pitt Learning Community. Spaces allow you to connect with other People in the CourseWeb community, and Messages allow you to send simple communications to classmates and faculty. Create a Profile in Blackboard, and get started! The tools are all accessible through the Global Navigation menu. Contact the Pitt Help Desk if you need assistance with any of these tools! Make sure you take advantage of these fantastic tools early and often!

Technical Support

If you encounter technical difficulties at any time, please contact the Computing Services & Systems Development [CSSD] Help Desk. You can reach them any of the following ways:

  • Submit a ticket to the CSSD Help Desk
  • Call 412-624-HELP [4357]
  • Email at

Library Resources

The University Library System and the Barco Law Library are very beneficial for students enrolled in the Health Care Compliance program. You can access thousands of digital resources from off-campus.

Office of the Registrar

For questions about billing, tuition, and fees the registrar can be reached via email at or visit the University of Pittsburgh Registrar Homepage.

Student Orientation

The Student Orientation is a virtual webinar that will introduce you to the basics of CourseWeb, as well as the resources available to you as a Pitt Online student! Please watch at your convenience – it’s only 20 minutes!

Ordering Textbooks

You can order your textbooks online from The University Store on Fifth, as well as from other online sellers such as Amazon. To order from the University Store on Fifth, access the store’s home page and click on Textbooks, then select Purchase Books/Compare Prices (Figure 3). You will be taken to a page where you will enter your course information. After you submit your course information (Figure 4), your book and pricing options will appear. Please order your textbooks as soon as possible.

University Store on Fifth Screen Shot

Figure 3: Order and reserve texts, compare prices and sell back books at the University Store on Fifth (click to enlarge).

School of Law Textbook

Figure 4: Use the University Store on Fifth’s website to compare book prices (click to enlarge).











Faculty Info

Once you’ve logged into your class on CourseWeb, click on Faculty Info for contact information and a short bio on your instructor (Figure 5).

Faculty Info Screen Shot

Figure 5: You’ll find information about your faculty member, and ways to contact him/her throughout the semester (click to enlarge).















Syllabus and Schedule

To review the Schedule or Course Syllabus, click on the appropriate titles in the navigation menu (Figure 6). You’ll find course objectives, grading rubrics, due dates and other important course information on these documents. Use them to help plan your time efficiently and ensure that you’re satisfying to course deadlines.

School of Law Screen Syllabus and Schedule

Figure 6: The Syllabus and Schedule are both available to you from the first day of class (click to enlarge).







Thank you! Here’s wishing you a successful term!