What Students Are Saying…

Lorraine Galkowski

“I didn’t want one of the run-of-the-mill Nursing degrees. I knew that the University of Pittsburgh was highly respected and ranked, and I felt that the Pitt Online program wouldn’t deviate from the institution’s standards. I knew it would be respected when it was on my resume.”

Lorraine Galkowski, Cary, NC

MSN Clinical Nurse Leader



Heather Vitko

“The classes are designed to promote an online community. There’s a lot of collaboration and camaraderie among the students, even though we don’t actually share physical borders. The courses are designed in modules so that you’re part of the class but you can learn at your own pace, and they’re designed to fit in with the busy lifestyle of someone who is working full-time or raising a family.”

Heather Vitko, Windber, PA

MSN Clinical Nurse Leader


Amy Ansehl

“One of the assets of the DNP program is the tremendous array of professionals in the Nursing world that I’m meeting. I am really enjoying the discussion boards; and I’m not only learning from the faculty and from the curriculum, but I’m learning from my fellow nurses. This is of tremendous value for students when they are preparing for an advanced role.”

Amy Ansehl, Chappaqua, NY

Post-Masters Doctor of Nursing Practice



Janet Harris

“I would absolutely recommend this program to others, especially to those who are working full-time and need the flexibility of an online program. For me as a Nurse executive, the Capstone project – in lieu of a research project – directly impacts clinicians I work with on a daily basis, as well as patient outcomes and patient care. I am excited about that possibility!”

Janet Harris, Brandon, MS

Post-Masters Doctor of Nursing Practice


Will Parrish

“Faculty always provide feedback that is constructive and clear. You can tell that they’re quite knowledgeable in their subject area, and that’s not the same experience I’ve had with other schools. Pitt’s program is giving me more insight into facilities and systems, which will hopefully prepare me for an executive role one day.”

Will Parrish, Atlanta, GA

Post-Masters Doctor of Nursing Practice


Peggy Strong

“The reason I decided to get my DNP is because most of my career has been spent in administration. I teach Leadership and RN –to-BSN nurses, and hopefully we’ll be able to move to a master’s program here – and that cannot be done unless a number of faculty have their doctorate.”

Peggy Strong, Bartlet, TN

Post-Masters Doctor of Nursing Practice



What Faculty Are Saying…


Willa Doswell“I found it fascinating to meet students from across the country who I felt connected to, either through having lived in their part of the country or belonging to a church denominational group. In just seeing their picture, I could feel their human spirit and learning excitement come through. It has enriched my teaching experience in many ways.”

Willa Doswell, RN, PhD, FAAN

Associate Professor, Health Promotion & Development, School of Nursing



Dianxu Ren“It has been a great and unique experience teaching online. With the progress of modern technology, I am still constantly amazed that we can now provide opportunities outside of a typical classroom setting to students anywhere in the country. I enjoy teaching online because of its timely communication, immediate feedback on students’ progress, great tools to facilitate teaching, and the unique interaction between instructor and students.”

Dianxu Ren, MD, PhD

Associate Professor, Associate Director for Statistical Support Services,
Health & Community Systems, School of Nursing


Laura Fennimore“I love learning with my students enrolled through online courses! We learn together as we react to current literature and published evidence, as well as apply our lived experience to clinical and managerial problems in health care. I enjoying challenging the student’s thinking through discussion boards and class assignments.  It is much more fun to be the ‘coach on the side’ than the ‘sage on the stage’!”

Laura Fennimore, DNP, RN, NEA-BC

Professor, Acute and Tertiary Care, School of Nursing



Julius Kitutu“I oversee the Graduate Orientation Module course which is required for all newly admitted graduate students – about 150 students enroll in the course every academic year. Because the module is well designed, very few students face challenges in completing the module. Any question can be resolved quickly and professionally by the Pitt Online staff!”

Julius M. Kitutu, PhD, MSC, MED

Assistant Professor, Assistant Dean for Student Services, Acute & Tertiary Care, School of Nursing



Rose Hoffmann“Online classes have provided me the opportunity to develop a variety of teaching strategies that have incorporated different software and social media to enhance the educational process. Teaching students from many different locations has enriched the experience for both myself and my students. They’re interacting and learning about nursing in all parts of the country, and we can build upon this knowledge to promote the nursing profession.”

Rose Hoffmann, PhD, RN, CNL

Associate Professor, MSN Program Director, Clinical Nurse Leader Program Coordinator,
Acute and Tertiary Care, School of Nursing